About us

Cleaning Company WoolwichCleaners Woolwich was founded as a small-scale local, domestic cleaning service business which was servicing only a part of the city. It didn’t take long for the word to get out that the new company was picking up speed and was quickly becoming a respected cleaning service provider with a fine range of quality domestic services offered at very good prices. The path to success was there, some people will say, but keeping up with other cleaning industry companies and developing our own list of quality and affordable cleaning is not easy. Constant improvement and further development are two major factors that have kept us above the rest all this time.

Initially Cleaners Woolwich aimed to keep its service prices as low as possible and accessible to more households throughout the area and the whole city. Reasonable prices were to be achieved by providing customers with adequate cleaning that actually served a purpose and got the job done effectively and efficiently, and this work attitude was paying off. One of Cleaners Woolwich’s initial goals was to create a complete, comprehensive list of domestic services to cover a wide range of customer requirements.

Although such extensive coverage may have seemed unneeded to some other service providers, we knew that bringing all services together was the way to do it, we believe customers will be happy with the fact that one local company can handle all their domestic cleaning chores and more. And we weren’t wrong, results and company records indicated that bringing a wide range of services all under one roof was one of the wisest managerial decisions we made. Whether it was a single stand-alone service or a comprehensive request that covers the entire property we were able to respond quickly, efficiently and most importantly adequately – with the right tools and equipment, and the right technical knowledge, carried out by the best professional cleaners in the business, our staff. Today, Cleaners Woolwich is an established and reputable service provider with a great number of satisfied customers.